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Nutrition Coaching

Ready to get your nutrition on track?  Personalized nutrition coaching is the answer! Whatever your goals may be, we can create a customized plan for you. Our one-on-one coaching begins with a goal-setting and planning session and continues with at least seven weekly follow-up sessions to provide support, measure your progress, and make adjustments as needed. 

Initial 8-week session: $200 

Extended Coaching sessions:
$100/4-week session
$150/8-week session

Kitchen Clean Out

Your home should be diet safe!  Chances are, items you have invited into your kitchen and consume on a daily basis are keeping your from reaching your goals. Together, we will go through your pantry, cabinets, refrigerator and freezer pulling out items and discussing why they could be considered unhealthy.  For some, we will discuss alternate food choices, for others, we will develop strategies to completely avoid things that are working against you.  

Home session: $200

Video Conference session: $150

Market Tour

In order to prepare healthy meals, you have to begin with healthy ingredients.  Together we will look around your local market with health conscious eyes.   Our goal will be to build a diverse list of foods in which you can base your entire diet.  After this enlightening experience, finding hidden health saboteurs and recognizing misleading marketing will become second nature.

One-on-one shopping: $200*

* Inquire about small group rates 

  • I wanted to write and thank you for all your help getting my diet where it needs to be. I can't begin to count how many well-intentioned attempts I've made in the past to drastically change my diet -- no carbs, crazy low calories, smoothies, soup... you name it -- only to end up worse off than when I started. Now, I feel so far removed from that pattern. Working with you has removed so much of the stress I used to feel about not knowing what to eat or when or how much. I especially appreciate how you've really made a plan specific to me, incorporating my preferences and the realities of my life. I'm not tied to only eating a handful of foods and I can feel and see the effects of feeding my body what it needs. Your on-going support has been so critical for me and I can't thank you enough!
    Ashleigh B.

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